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Posted by kimrunnerdog on 02/05/2011

When Todd Hullender said his company was a full-service landscape maintenance company, he meant it! His crew practically jumps off the truck working not just mowing and blowing, but edging, trimming bushes, and "buzzing" sprouting oaks & clover in the beds before I even ask for them to be removed. Leaves are actually raked, bagged & removed from the property--not just blown into the beds or across the road for someone else to deal with (or blow back)! I've watched my neighbors spend hours removing leaves from our densely wooded neighborhood lawns over the past few weekends and have gleefully spent my weekend time with my family knowing Todd's crew will once again handle whatever fell this week. Todd truly cares about his customers' satisfaction. Over the past 4 months, his crew has taken the time to push mow the newly sodded LARGE backyard of ours since it's still rooting. He even sent a crew out to do a "touch up" when he heard we were having a large outdoor gathering. I both gladly and highly recommend L&H Services.

Residential & Commercial Service at it's best!!

Posted by theboatguy on 04/01/2011

A few years ago, we were developing our property in Mayport Village as a boat consignment location, my contractor threw the landscaping in my face and told me to find someone. Luckily, I was referred to Todd Hullender of L&H Services, the rest was cake. Todd reviewed my required landscape architect plans and discussed a few things with the architect and in detail explained to me what I needed and did not need. I was impressed with the timely manner, the care in installation, the information given to care for the landscaping ongoing and the follow up visits to check on the plants' progress did happen. If everything else with the buildout of my business went as smooth as the landscaping, it would have been easy. Todd was even present during the inspection and gladly made a few minor changes and we have been cared for ever since. Once I found out that L&H Services also does residential, I immediately had them redo my entire yard and they are still maintaining it today, 3 years later!! One of the few service companies that follows through...


Posted by tspina57 on 03/24/2010

We have been a customer of L & H Services for over 5 years. Not only do we receive exceptional weekly lawn service but we have also been very happy with their landscape design, install and sod replacement. The lawn maintenance crew is dependable and professional. They go the extra mile and even remove all trimmings and lawn trash from our yard. Shrubs and trees are pruned on a regular basis, flower beds are weeded and our new plants and sod has flourished. Highly recommended!


Posted by notrub on 01/14/2010

L&H has been taking care of my commercial property for 5 years. Best service and quality of any vendor I work with! Great guys, no issues at all, above and beyond what is required.



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